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The Reece Grant awards up to $25,000 to support community water projects here and abroad.

Clean water and sanitation are fundamental for healthy and safe communities, yet globally millions of people still do not have access to these basic services.

The Reece Grant is an initiative that aims to improve quality of life within underprivileged communities by supporting our customers in undertaking vital water projects. Each project is designed to make clean water and basic sanitation available to those who need it most.

In 2015, we have granted three inspiring Australian tradies a total of $25,000 to kick start three international water projects. These projects are in India, East Timor and the Philippines. Here you can find out more about this important work.

Watch what our three recipients have to say

The projects

Justin Morris

Justin has been granted $15,000 for his submission to improve India’s complex sanitation issues. Partnering with the We Can’t Wait foundation, he is putting the money towards the construction of toilet facilities and sanitation education in schools in Nasik, India.

Timothy Brideson

Tim has been granted $5,000 and is using the money to rebuild toilet facilities at a damaged school in the Philippines. He will also be running education sessions the local tradesmen and students to ensure long-term change.

James Millis

James has been granted $5,000 for his project in East Timor and is putting the funds towards restoring two remote villages with proper facilities to access spring water, water filtration and toilet facilities.

Latest project



Justin Morris

Reece Grant recipient: Justin Morris

Justin Morris from Notting Hill, Victoria has been awarded $15,000 for his submission to improve India’s complex sanitation issue.