It pays to be smart. Intelligent technology waters when your lawn needs it, and saves water when it doesn’t. It’s simple to install and gives you control at your fingertips.

Using adaptive algorithms to generate custom and dynamic watering schedules from your weather data, Skydrop maximises water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes.


Skydrop connects to your home wifi for effortless management through your smart phone or computer.

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You can easily set up multiple zones and manage your watering schedule from anywhere.

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The intuitive Skydrop app makes each zone fully customizable in minutes.

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There are settings for soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, shade, slope angle and more.

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You can control up to 8 zones and an expansion module allows you to add a further 8.


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The Skydrop controller doesn’t water on a set schedule, it dynamically adjusts the watering frequency and duration needed for each zone.

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Real-time neighbourhood level data from up to 2000 weather stations across Australia help to intelligently forecast when your garden needs water.

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It’s like having a meteorologist and a master gardener always working for you.

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Advanced algorithms determine which zones need water and when.


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If water restrictions are in place, Skydrop can be programmed to not water on certain days.

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By watering each zone separately and only when required, less water is used in total.

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Deep and infrequent watering promotes healthy root growth for a better lawn and plants.

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You can program the controller to work on a set schedule or choose from  unlimited custom programs.

Save Big

Landscapes are the biggest water wasters in the typical home. Skydrop can cut your home water usage by up to 50%. Skydrop will deliver a big saving on your water bills too. Plus, our smart technology will save you plenty of headaches. You’ll no longer have to worry if you’re watering correctly ever again