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Milli is about confident style – enduring designs that enhance the way we live and naturally express who we are. Complete your look with Milli. Offering infinite possibilities.

Hello Axon

Hello Axon

Inspired by the perfection of a blade, Axon is a revolution in design. The juxtaposition of bold metallic and black finishes seamlessly embodied.

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Welcome Pure

Welcome Pure

Stripped of detail. Leaving only the essential. Pure is the very essence of great design. Effortless forms that perfectly embody the concept of understated luxury.

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Hey Glance

Hey Glance

The convergence of crisp lines and gentle arcs, Glance is a new expression of beauty. Grace and presence coming together with organic simplicity.

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Enter Edge

Enter Edge

Embracing modernist design principles, Edge is a geometric advenature. A bold interplay of angles bring emotion and energy to the space.

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Homewares and Accessories

& Accessories

Capturing the innovative aesthetic of Milli tapware, our homewares collection allows you to extend your chosen look throughout every element of the bathroom.

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Hey Inox

Hey Inox

Live a beautiful life
outdoors. The Milli Inox.

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Explore the Milli Bathroom Living and Milli Outdoor Living brochures.

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Discover the infinite possibilities of the Milli range.

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Create a statement with Rose Gold, Matte Black, Chrome and Gun Metal.

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