A pioneer of electrofusion technology since the 70’s, FRIATEC continues to set the standard that others follow. And now, FRIATEC’s advanced range of electrofusion fittings, welders and tools are available through Reece in Australia.

Exposed heating coil design

Exposed heating coil design

Using a highly efficient, exposed heating coil design, FRIATEC’s electrofusion system provides ideal heat transfer from fitting to pipe, delivering a faster and more precise weld.

Longest coupler length on the market

Longest coupler length on the market

To guarantee outstanding performance, FRIATEC’s couplings feature extra-long fusion zones - up to 2.7 times longer than the minimum required standard. The larger fusion area helps to absorb energy while offering improved stability.


A full range of couplers for every application

FRIATEC offers a range of couplers from 20mm – 1200mm in diameter, with a choice of three different pressure ratings. These are SDR 17 (1000kPA), SDR 11 (1600 kPa) or SDR 7.4 (2500 kPa). 

Smart welders that do all the work for you

FRIATEC’s advanced FRIAMAT Electrofusion welder takes all the work out creating the perfect weld. With the built in barcode reader, you simply scan the code on the fitting and the welder adjusts for every variable.

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